Monday, March 30, 2015

Basketball Paradise

Basketball requires a lot of skill with foot work and hand and eye coronations. if you don't have any of that than you best be step'in. It also requires a good sense of shoe style like if you want Jordan's or Lebrons etc. Having a good pair of sneakers will bring up your respect in the game of basketball. Don't wear the shoes if your not good at basket.
Our passion Project is about basketball in general and we are mostly explaining what drives basketball players to actually play basketball, when did basket become a sport , and who created the sport and when.
"Dream Team" one of the most well-known player are on one team to make the ultimate basketball team. All of these players have made it to the basketball Hall Of Fame.

Some questions I want to ask is what team would you prefer if it was the Warriors or the Cavaliers?My chose would be cavaliers ,but that is just me.


  1. You talk a lot about basketball in here so I can tell that is a passion. However the real focus of our first blog post was to explain what your passion project was, why you choose it and the plan. These blog post serve as a reflective piece for you to look at your progress and work to date.

  2. i would perfer the warriors because they got curry with the pot boi